Biota laboratories are more than 10 years old and develop products with herbal content in order to provide effective and long term solutions to beauty problems.

Established in 2002, B'iota Laboratories produces effective and long-term plant solutions for health and beauty problems. B'iota, which owns brands such as Nutraxin, Bioxcin, Bioder, Bioblas, Restorex and Biota 59 Elements, is rapidly moving to create world brands by constantly developing new products. Offering health and beauty together with its innovative products, B'iota brings together the latest technology by synthesizing different plants with unlimited benefits of nature. While B'iota's revolutionary quality brands offer 100 percent herbal solutions to various problems, these products meet consumers at many points from  pharmacy to markete, chain stores to perfumery.

B'iota Laboratories, which is progressing rapidly in the direction of creating global brands, continues its success in foreign markets with exports to many countries of the world. Today B'iota products are exported from South America to Russia; From Saudi Arabia to Australia, there are sales in 60 countries in many parts of the world.Biota Laboratories  products are sold in more than 24.000 pharmacies in Turkey under BIODER, BIOXCIN, NUTRAXIN and BIOBABY brands; and in thousands of sales points including hypermarkets,chain stores and perfumeries under BIOMEN, COLOR&MORE and RESTOREX brands.

Chairman of the board Mr.Cihat Dündar

B'iota ... In fact, only 10-year history with a revolutionary brand to the world's market leader in Turkey and exports to 40 countries extending a success story ...The journey that started in 2002 with a dream that we established many years ago continues today with successful signings both in the country and worldwide.

We took our power from nature. We tried to understand a miracle; this was a miracle of 59 elements.The human body consisted of 59 elements, also found in the earth

That's why B'iota believed in the human and nature co-creation. He took it to science and worked on human health and beauty by using these 59 elements that passed through the soil. In addition to the rich plant cover of Anatolia, we are also trusted by Turkish scientists and dermatologists.
Loving his profession, respecting man and nature, our team worked hard and offered health and beauty from plants for the service of people.
For years, we have continued to invest in our R & D results according to brand our products are developed in all pharmacies or in perfumery today's Turkey, it is taking place in the market. Both the success we have achieved in our countries around the world logged in Turkey, showing the consumer's satisfaction and confidence in B'iota. B'iota's goals have always been great. The way to reach big goals is to do new investments by relying on hard work and future. Therefore B'iota work of Turkey's first and Europe's 3rd largest pharmaceutical factory in continues. B'iota's family of hundreds of individuals in the 35,000-square-meter indoor production facility explores and produces the best for health and beauty. Thousands of B'iota workers are working to deliver these products to you. B'iota will always be next to the consumer with new products that offer 100% plant solutions with new targets from now on.